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              "Orbs are the most readily accessible phenomena of the spiritual realm"    Dr. Eben Alexander

      The Orb Phenomenon with Virginia Hummel & Peter Shockey

will be presenting in

Newport Beach, California

Orb Workshop August 28, 2014


After Death Communication Panel

Sunday, August 31, 2014

“This book is the ultimate proof of life after death. Following the passing of the author’s son in 2006, she and her family received hundreds of after-death communications from him – ongoing interaction, dream visitations, orbs, hummingbird appearances, etc. If you have any doubt about our survival of death, this book will dispel it.”  
~ Tony Stubbs, Author of An Ascension Handbook, Living with Soul, The Other Side, and Death wihout Fear
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 New York Times Best Seller! A Victory for Orb Enthusiasts!
Proof of Heaven: A Neurosurgeon's Journey into the Afterlife

By Eben Alexander M.D.

His  book details his journey into “the deepest realms of super-physical existence.” He is escorted by a beautiful angelic being: a girl with golden brown hair and sparkling blue eyes. She accompanies him as they ride on the tip of a butterfly wing. At one point, Alexander finds himself in a black, womb like void. It was filled with a brilliant light that emanated from an orb.

The void was the presence of God whom Alexander refers to as “Om.” He says, “The Orb acted as a kind of an interpreter between me and this extraordinary presence surrounding me…the Orb (who remained in some way connected to the Girl on the Butterfly Wing, who in fact was she) was guiding me through this process.”

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on the New York Times Best Seller's List
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In his new book , "Wishes Fulfilled, Mastering the Art of Manifestation,"
Dr. Wayne Dyer

"There's a
feeling of invisible beings...they make themselves known to me in a variety of ways that I once would have labeled far-fetched and impossible. The presence of beings, including those who have passed on, has become my reality."

TY Bullock Angel Orb 10-7-13


©Juan Calos Ramirez

Kandace Eagle

Sweetheart Orb ©TheOrbWhisperer

Light Orb of Energy©Laisle Isabella

Orb Caught On Baby Monitor

© Elevate

               "Imagine for a moment that death isn’t an ending but a metamorphosis."
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We all know the old adage, "a picture is worth a thousand words.
Well, a video is a thousand times better!

In the video below, notice the lightning like flashes inside the orb, (similar to the picture on the left) and watch as it changes colors. Are we seeing plasma or subtle energy? See link to discussion on my website, plasma vs subtle energy. Towards the end of the video, we begin to get similar flashes of solid, circular, orb like images captured on digital cameras. We can also see where the tracks come from that are caught on camera. Look for the triangular points as it spins, especially as it moves away from the camera. This appears to be related to the Merkaba.

Skywatcherswpa YouTube

Orbs and Faces  
Can orbs be more than a beautiful ball of light?

I invite
you to explore the possibilities presented by this phenomena. What are these beautiful balls of light captured in our digital cameras? Why are there recognizable human faces in them? How is it possible that they appear in meaningful places and at meaningful times?

 Are these orbs a manifestation of the soul or consciousness energy of our loved ones? Is this the proof we needed to really grasp the concept that we are truly eternal beings?           Click here to see more orb faces

Are these optic distortions, or is life in our unbounded Universe capable of transmitting a
n image through a manifestation of subtle energy captured on a digital camera.

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